These short musical films are meant to be educational, entertaining, and solution oriented. The intention is not to make light of serious issues, but to address and explore current events without scare tactics or a partisan agenda. Each video focuses on how we can address behaviors that aren't serving us or the people around us and make positive choices that can benefit our lives and others' lives too.


Singer & Lyricist,  Noni Culotta, and director & choreographer,  Mary John Frank, co-wrote the first mini musical, "A Smartphone User's Guide To Etiquette" in 2016 after meeting on a feature film project. When the script was complete, they pitched the idea to producers and brands. After getting very close with one smartphone carrier it seemed that these companies were not so interested in encouraging folks to put their phones down. Luckily that is changing! Since then, more ideas have emerged for mini musicals and we hope to share them with you soon. 


These short musicals are not associated with a brand or organization. They are independently funded & supported through crowdfunding sites like Seed & Spark, our fiscal sponsors The Field (501c3), In-kind donors, Mary John's pocket, and through support from our Executive Producers. The projects were created by artists and activists who believe in using tech for good, working with our neighbors abroad to improve global health, and doing all that we can to protect our planet.  To learn more about this team of artists and filmmakers, click HERE.


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The images above are by photographer, Sandra Whittington, and cinematographers, Nadine Martinez & Drew Levin.