A Smartphone User's Guide To Etiquette

In New York (and everywhere), people are biking and texting, reading e-mails while walking up flights of stairs, and checking Instagram while crossing the street. This mini-musical video, starring Ariana Debose, encourages us to put our phones down, make eye contact, and consider how technology is benefiting or distracting us from our lives.



GLOBAL GAG - A Call To Action!

This short informs viewers about The Mexico City Policy, why we should care about it, and how we can help! Also known as The Global Gag Rule, this executive order was signed in January of 2017. It was first implemented by Reagan’s Administration in 1984 and is not only harmful to women, but affects health care on a global scale. We are currently in pre-production and look forward to sharing it with you soon.



This solution oriented short focuses on the effects of Climate Change and what we can do to lower our carbon emissions and also cut back on our single use plastic. The piece was inspired by Jeff Goodell's, “The Water Will Come” and this NY Times piece. At the end of the piece, viewers will have the option to click on/donate to a variety of organizations dedicated to protecting our planet and will also be given tools to make realistic changes in their own lives.

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