Thank you for visiting our site! This series of short musical films presents viewers with clear and concise information on relevant topics and provides helpful tips and suggestions for how we can contribute to positive change.


Our first short focuses on smartphone etiquette and behaviors. In New York (and everywhere) people can be seen biking while texting, reading e-mails while walking through public spaces, and checking Instagram while crossing the street. This mini-musical encourages us to put our phones down, look for beauty in the world around us, and reflect on how technology is benefiting or distracting us from our lives.


Aside from "A Smartphone User's Guide To Etiquette," there are two other projects currently in development. One focuses on the Mexico City Policy (aka The Global Gag Rule) and the other project explores climate change, rising sea levels, and the actions we can take to participate in possible solutions. Please click here to learn more about the work.